In Finland the frequency of workplace accidents is highest in companies with 10 to 49 employees

In Finland, the frequency of wage earners’ workplace accidents is, on average in the private sector, highest in small enterprises with 10–49 employees and lowest in both large (more than 250 employees) and micro enterprises (less than 10 employees).

There are differences between classes of economic activities. For example, in the construction, the frequency is much lower in large enterprises than in smaller ones, and for manufacturing the frequency decreases as the size of the enterprise grows. In trade, the otherwise stable frequency level increases in large enterprises.

In the transportation and storage sector the frequency is highest in medium-sized enterprises with 50-249 employees and lowest in large enterprises. However, it should be noted that in Finland it is common also that the entrepreneur drives a own lorry and has no employees at all.

The calculation of workplace accident frequencies by enterprise size for all the different classes of economic activities was either not possible or not meaningful.

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